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Caribbean Moss

Passionfruit Sea Moss Gel (16 oz)

Passionfruit Sea Moss Gel (16 oz)

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Passionfruit Infused Sea Moss Gel

The welcoming taste of passion fruit packed with St.Lucian sea moss is sure to send your spirit to the tropics.

Enjoy all the benefits of sea moss and passionfruit conveniently, on the go, with our drinks.  

✅ Made From 100% Raw Sea Moss & Passionfruit

✅ Helps Control Cholesterol 

✅ Packed With Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamin C & Folate

✅ Helps Fight Off Infections

✅ 100% Vegan, NON-GMO

Sea Moss Gel is 100% organic and made from high-quality wildcrafted sea moss, harvested from the ocean waters. We take great pride in selecting only the finest variety of sea moss for our products, which is the foundation for our recipe's quality flavor and pleasant aroma. 

Ingredients: Passion Fruit Pulp, Raw Sea Moss Gel, Natural Spring Water

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What is the serving size?

  • We recommend 2 tablespoons per day, so 16 Oz would last you 2 weeks. 


Q. Why is your sea moss gel special 

  • Our gels are made from the best sea moss in the world, which is the St. Lucian sea moss, compared to other sellers who sell Jamaican sea moss.


Q. How long does shipping take?

  • We ship our gels via USPS from our warehouse in the USA. Shipping takes 1-2 days. We make sure our sea moss is packed well with ice packs to make sure it doesn't get spoilt during shipping.


Q. Are these gels approved by FDA?

  • Our products are sourced from St. Lucia, no shipment can cross US borders without approval from the FDA.


Q. How do I store my Sea Moss Gel?

  • Please make sure that you refrigerate your gel once you receive it.


Q. Does the gel expire?

  • You can store the gel in the fridge for up to 21 days and in the freezer for up to 6 months. 


We ship our products from our warehouse in Miami. Shipping takes 3-4 days via USPS/FedEx

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Marcus Koonce

Passionfruit Sea Moss Gel (16 oz)

Tony Valenzuela
Trying Sea moss for the first time!

I ordered the guava and passion fruit sea moss and it tasted great with all the benefits...…..a real no brainer!

Absolutely magical

its a game changer for me, I dont have the time to prepare my own gel so I bought these, the taste is amazing and very authentic

My first sea moss gel purchase

quite impressed with the overall presentation and taste,

Love it

Absolutely loved the taste, its more convenient to buy and consume gels compared to raw sea moss, the price is reasonable compared to other websites, the quality is top-notch! You just earned a long term customer