Welcome to Caribbean Moss

We are a group of young sea moss farmers from Saint Lucia who have recently dedicated our time and resources to the full time sourcing of Sea Moss / Irish Moss in the pristine waters of Saint Lucia. “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Helen Keller. We pride ourselves on always working together as a team to ensure we meet the great demand of our customers locally and internationally. We are able to export wholesale to any part of the world. Harvested, Bleached, Dried, Packaged by a group of young farmers and entrepreneurs from the beautiful and picturesque island of Saint Lucia. We work very closely with the Government and Department of Fisheries to adhere to positive sustainability practices and requirements. No salt or chemicals are added to our sea moss. It is dried and bleached by the sun. When soaked in freshwater, the sea moss rehydrates and springs back to its original form with a strong and vibrant texture. No toxic chemicals are involved in the processes, so the product is very natural and environmentally-friendly. And of course, there are no additives of any kind. We boast some of the best waters for wildcrafted sea moss.