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Caribbean Moss

Sea Moss Gel Pack

Sea Moss Gel Pack

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Sea Moss Gel

Our sea moss gel pack makes it much easier to make, consume and store your sea moss.

You can make some sea moss gel using our 100% natural St Lucian ingredients. It's so quick, easy, and versatile. You can add it to your food, smoothies, hair, skin and nails regime - the list is so endless!

Health professionals and dieticians can't stop talking about it. It's highly utilized in the Caribbean before it even gained so much notoriety internationally.

In the Caribbean, the sea moss gel is prepared using local herbs and spices to boost the superfood even more!

Sea Moss Gel Pack :

5 oz Gold St Lucian Sea Moss

50 g of Cinnamon Sticks

6 Nutmegs

8 Bay Leaves



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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Hazel Mckenzie
Convenient way to make some good gel

This is my 4th pack order, I have always found it difficult to buy everything seperately to make sea moss gel, so this solves my problem, the quantity is great for this price, 5oz makes a lot of sea moss that I can store for weeks!

Elias Patrick
As fresh as it gets!

Okay everything looks fresh, I love the smell of all the whole spices, I'm going to try out one of the Caribbean recipes to prepare sea moss gel

Debra G.
Sea moss the caribbean way!

This is really innovative and smart, putting in all the ingredients to make sea moss gel.. I just received my order and I'll be trying it out soon