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Sea Moss

St Lucia Gold Sea Moss (2 oz)

St Lucia Gold Sea Moss (2 oz)

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St Lucia Raw Wildcrafted Sea Moss 2 oz

 ✔ 100% Natural & Wildcrafted

 ✔ Delivers Within 4 Days

 ✔ Non-GMO 

 ✔ Comes in a re-sealable Package

 ✔ Trusted by over 5000 customers


This small package is perfect for people trying out sea moss for the first time.


Benefits of raw gold sea moss

 ✔ May support thyroid health through its rich iodine content 

 ✔ May support immunity and improve gut health 

 ✔ May help in reducing weight

 ✔ May help regulate blood sugar and diabetes 


Our process from harvesting to packaging

 ✔ Our Raw gold sea moss is harvested by our local farmers

 ✔ The waters that it is harvested from are close to the volcanic lands

 ✔ After harvesting, the sea moss is dried for 3-7 days under the sun naturally

 ✔ After drying, we pack it in a re-sealable package

 ✔ The shelf life of our sea moss is more than one year


How to consume sea moss?

 ✔ You can prepare a gel from the raw form to consume it 

 ✔ Simply soak your 2 oz sea moss in water overnight

 ✔ Rinse and blend it until it gets smooth

 ✔ Consume your sea moss by adding it to your smoothies or anything else


*Shop D' Caribbean is an award-winning St Lucian company that collaborates with local farmers in St Lucia to help them sell their sea moss harvest to consumers all over the world, we can proudly guarantee the quality of our sea moss products as being A+ grade. We offer a money-back guarantee or a swift replacement if you are not satisfied with the quality of your sea moss- which is very unlikely* 







We ship our products from our warehouse in Miami. Shipping takes 3-4 days via USPS/FedEx

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